Prose Dreams

August 23, 2010


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Excerpt from Dreamscapes:

Imagination runs through the mind like a raging river,
gushing forth into incredible dreamscapes
where unicorns graze in lush, emerald valleys
and dragons, glittering like gems, soar in clear blue skies.
The azure atmosphere blends into the blackness of space.
Sparkling stars shine and illuminate distant worlds,
where dreamers imagine even more fantastic dreamscapes.

This book is a collection of science fiction and fantasy-themed poetry.

It can be found on in both paperback and electronic formats.

It can also be found on
Kindle edition
Paperback edition


The Teracor Chronicles

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Teracor Cover

Five lands bound by royal blood. Five lands shattered by a root, followed by eternal night. One who commands the stars shall come out of the East, yet seemingly from the West. Starlight counters the darkness. The wanderers will find their home, but not without betrayal and strife. If the betrayer is strong enough, the five lands will be overtaken. But if the one who commands the stars travels to the sun, a way to defeat the darkness may still be found.

This book is available on in both paperback and electronic formats.

It can also be found on
Kindle format
Paperback edition

June 17, 2010

Excerpt from Prose Dreams

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“I must keep moving,” he muttered.  “If I do not, they will surely find me.”

He did not know who they were, but some part of his subconscious remembered.  When he stepped on his left foot, his ankle protested with pain.  He could not remember how he had gotten the injury.

He stood in a doorway at the end of a hallway.  Beyond was light.  It shone beneath the door like a thin blade slicing the hallway in half.  In the shiny metal doorknob, he glimpsed his face.  Frightened blue eyes stared back at him.  His blond hair was unkempt but clean.  He looked to be in his twenties.  His skin was pale, as though he had not been outside for quite some time.  He hesitated to open the door.

The hallway was white; stark, hospital-room white.  No, it was cleaner than that.  He shivered.  There was something wrong with a floor so clean that he dared not take a step further, and with walls that he shuddered to touch.  Yet the door beckoned like an escape hatch.  But where did it lead?

Was this a prison?  Was he a criminal of some sort?  What if someone learned of his escape?  To what lengths would they go to find him?  What if his imprisonment was unjustified?  Why could he not remember anything about himself?

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